Kudos - ku·dos  - noun - \ˈkü-ˌdäs, ˈkyü-, -ˌdōs\


  1. Praise or accolades
  2. Credit for one’s achievements
  3. Fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement   

Synonyms:  acclaim, accolade, applause, credit, distinction, homage, honor, glory, laud, laurels, props [slang]

I’m a big fan of recognizing events where praise and encouragement are warranted, in both humans AND our animal companions.  With humans this may mean a special note for extra work well done, or a huge party at the end of a project.  With our pets it may be ear scritches for being extra cute, or a shower of cookies when you call them off a squirrel.  Each are good things.


Welcome to Kudos for Canines, a place where praise is always sincere and, hopefully, reinforcing.